Not Dead, Just Resting

So, I got an awful case of food poisoning on our last night in Hohhot, and, after 48 hours of misery, we went to the hospital. I got an immediate glucose IV, and they did some tests to rule out diseases I thought were extinct. Chinese employees often get nervous and flustered when confronted with a Westerner in their place of business, but I still wish it hadn’t taken the nurse quite so many stabs to find my vein.

I have a pile more Mongolia pictures to post and some hospital adventures, too, but I have to go back to sleep now.

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0 Responses to Not Dead, Just Resting

  1. Athene Numphe says:


    Fell better!!!

  2. Bethie says:

    “ahh the norweigian blue, lovely plumage!”
    “he’s dead.”
    “not dead sir, he’s just restin’!”
    “I know a dear parrot when I see one and I’m looking at one right now!”
    “He’s just restin’!”

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