The Four Humors

“You should teach them to put their finger under each word when they chant, so the parents will know their children know English,” one of the TAs suggested yesterday. She went on to explain that this is not reading, and any further attempts by me to teach the children to read will not be appreciated.

She needed to add that, because I have already been reprimanded for starting to teach my kids to read, which is forbidden for year one. Obviously. And the whole phonics thing? Why I am making noises with my mouth when I should be having my 6-year-olds memorize for their exams? Seriously, I claim to have teaching experience and this is what I come up with?

Sometimes I feel like a modern-day doctor visiting the middle ages. When I try to suggest the occasional hand-washing, they’re all “What are you talking about, crazy woman? Bleed the patient! Haven’t you ever heard of the four humors? What do they teach you those so-called medical schools? Thank goodness you have us to keep you from doing any real damage!”

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  1. wha wha wha? says:

    You know I once had an art teacher… Who smoked pot all day, I knew this…

    You should do it too.

    You can find some decent hashish in China. You can also find some decent kind nugs if you looked hard enough.

    Lawd I love trolling china blogs.

  2. Harrison H says:

    The only thing keeping China from surpassing the US is themselves. I hope they keep it up… maybe the US still has a chance.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is exactly why China is not famous for insight and creative thinking. Instead, China is famous for making cheap plastic crap and lying about it.

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