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A gaijin, a megook and a laowai walk into a bar… Mutant Frogs is my friend Roy’s blog about Japan, and MantisBot is Garan’s blog about Korean life. Interesting that three of us from my high-school crew ended up in Asia — seriously, guys, could we have gotten further away from Jersey?

Lost Laowai is a group blog where some of my favorite China bloggers submit rants or links to their own stuff.

Humanaught I especially love this post. I’ve also used this blog to explain why I need a moped (Stick said something about my car accidents and although I did enjoy my last trip to the Chinese hospital, I don’t really want to go again.)

I love ChinesePod. Seriously, I love ChinesePod so much that I’m considering breaking my rule on Facebook apps and adding the ChinesePod one. Considering, that is. I don’t want to start the slippery slope of Facebook applications. Also I read John “Hold the Cilantro” Pasden’s blog at Sinosplice.

Oh yeah, I’m on Facebook a lot. Come be my Facebook friend!
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Teaching Game Design I read this one for a while before realizing that it’s Ian from Cyberlore writing about his new gig. Great teaching / gaming crossover, especially good discussions on creativity and structure in the classroom.

Learn Me Good I have such a crush on Mister Teacher. (Don’t tell Stick. He’s weird about that kind of thing.) His blog is hilarious and poignant, without ever crossing into the “kids say the darndest things!” territory.

eLong is Chinese Expedia. It differs from regular Expedia by being less efficient, less user-friendly, less logical and signifigantly cheaper. Oh, also it sometimes switches back to Chinese without telling me.

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