Chinese Fire Drill

No, really.

So in my last class today, we were playing Guess Who? (Made extra challenging because all the kids have the same hair color, eye color and are wearing the same uniform) when there’s an awful sound outside the window. It’s the sound of the skies opening, of torrential rain, of… some guy spraying the classroom windows with a fire hose. Not just spraying, it looks like one side of the classroom is going through one of those drive-through car washes.

You cannot hit a classroom window with a firehose and expect 6-year-olds to play attention to class. I mean, I’m a fun teacher and all, but come on! FIRE HOSE!!!

Anyway, we’re just getting back into our seats (kids) and calming our hysterical laughter (me), when there is a crash and a flexible ladder slams against our windows. It keeps moving with the breeze and crashing against the window, which may be even funnier than the power-washing.

Fortunately class was over by this point, so we all went to the window to watch some guys in camo make a formation.

Later, my TA explained that this is the, uh, practice drill for the fire drill tomorrow.

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