…With Chinese Characteristics

I thought that I was familiar with the demo class as a shady recruitment policy, but my current school’s plan for a demo class might actually be a record for sketchy Chinese ESL policies. Basically, the parents are going to be invited to watch a class in December. The reason we know about it now, and not 10 minutes before the parents arrive, is that everything we will “teach” is scripted, down to which students we call on in what order. The parents will then be evaluating the carefully rehearsed farce English lesson and then offering suggestions on “our” lesson plans, as if there would be any input from the foreign teachers in the planning of the class performance. I’m not entirely sure how any of this benefits anyone involved.

I thought I was just being grumpy about it but last night Stick got on the job boards and starting reading listings.

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  1. elliottng says:

    Hang in there! Sounds like despite the parent PR there is some good stuff going on for the kids!

  2. Meg says:

    I love my kids, and the complex is nice, but participating in this farce is pushing even Chinese-ESL-business standards of honesty.

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