China Christmas

Stick got me a toaster oven for Christmas! I hope he knows this is only romantic in China, and I’m not in for a lifetime of yuletide appliances. He hid it from me in the closet, which is a perfect place to hide things from me because I never put any laundry away. Actually I did once, about three weeks ago, and I’m still talking about it.

I got Stick some good WoW-playing food, Hot Pockets and Tina’s Burritos. I hid it from him in the freezer because although he might open the fridge to get a beer, he’d never open the freezer.
Fantastic Christmas presents! If you’re trying to say “I love you” or “I miss you“, you might go with flowers or jewelry. But nothing says “I like living in China with you” like a toaster oven and Western snacks. Then we lit our Christmas-tree-shaped candle, and had sandwiches and wine and Christmas candy.

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