Have You Seen This Road Trip?

I was asked to write about the mystery of Grey in the hopes that one of you will be able to solve it. Ready?

Musician Sam Rader wrote a song called “Grey” on her album Goldstar Galaxy, and made a music video for the song, using footage found on YouTube (which strikes me as somewhat tacky internet manners but it’s neccessary for the plot). This video is about two friends driving cross-country with a camera mounted in the car, but here’s the mystery…. the two guys in the video don’t know they’re in the Grey video! The person who posted it on YouTube had found the video online somewhere else, but didn’t know where it came from originally. (Again with the bad ‘net manners! Kids today!)

Anyway, now they’re looking for the creators of the original video to solve the Grey mystery. Do you recognize these guys? The car? Anything? Feel free to repost this video and spread the story around to help solve the mystery!

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  1. Chestnut says:

    Hey, you are in China again? Welcome back! Used to enjoy your blog last year when you lived in Yantai. But it seems like this year’s entries are not quite as fun as last year’s, maybe it’s because you moved to a more cosmopolitan city where people are more used to the sights of laowais, or because this is your second time around and the novelty has worn off. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    dont u no this whole story is a scam 2 get blog press for a crappy musician

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