Life In China

I’ve often wondered at the futility of making advance plans in China. Black And White Cat explains why.

The boss says to his secretary: I’m taking you to Beijing for a few days. Get ready to go.

The secretary phones her husband: I’ve got to go to a meeting in Beijing with the boss for a few days. You’ll have to look after yourself.

The husband rings his lover: My wife’s going to be on business in Beijing for a few days. Let’s get together.

The lover phones the young boy she tutors: There won’t be any lessons for a few days, I’m busy.

The boy rings his grandfather: Grandpa, my teacher’s busy for a few days so I haven’t got any classes. Can we go out and play?

The grandfather rings his secretary: I’ve got to spend time with my grandson for a few days, so we can’t go to Beijing.

The secretary calls her husband: My boss has got some urgent business, so I won’t be going to Beijing.

The husband calls his lover: The date’s off. My wife’s not going to Beijing now.

The lover calls the young boy she tutors: The lessons aren’t cancelled. I’ll be teaching you as normal.

The boy calls his grandfather: Grandpa, I’ve got classes after all. I can’t spend the time with you.

The grandfather calls his secretary: The trip to Beijing’s on again. Get ready to go.

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0 Responses to Life In China

  1. Anonymous says:

    So Meg,

    are you going to teach the kids this weekend?

    just asking:)

  2. Meg says:

    This is one of those questions about the future, isn’t it? It’s better if I don’t answer that!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don’t get real.

    Just joking. but you forgot that the kids also dream about their hot English teacher you know 🙂

    Confucius, lovely lady gentleman woos. Food and sex, human nature.

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