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A few months ago I was asked to write about Zoodoka, a new blog RSS-to-email program. I said:

With any email marketing program, spamming is going to be a major issue. Any free, mass-mailing program has a huge potential to be abused.

Today, I heard on ProBlogger that Zoodoka is suspending all blog emails because of spammers. From the Zoodoka blog:

We offered the service completely for free and so, as is the way with all things Internet, a annoying minority decided to abuse the system. We found ourselves a few weeks ago facing a massive backlog of broadcasts many of which were spam related. …

…. We’re not spammers, we don’t support spammers and we do support everybody’s freedom of choice when it comes to opting in and out email lists.

Today we’re stopping Zookoda broadcasts. The system will remain live, but broadcasts will not be sent. We are going to be making some more changes to the infrastructure and will allow for broadcasts again in early January. In the meantime though this is a pain for our legitimate users and I can only offer my most sincere apologies to you guys for the disruption this is undoubtedly going to cause.

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