The Dog Ate It.

Stick and I had an odd meeting with our boss today. We were meant to be addressing some of our recent issues, which involve a mysterious someone in the school’s hierarchy changing our schedule, and not telling the foreign teachers. We can’t get a straight answer on either the final-exams schedule or who the mysterious rescheduler is to ask them when we’re working, so we finally had a sit-down with our boss.

Of course, it wasn’t her fault, the school never tells her anything, she hasn’t been feeling well, the school told her but she couldn’t open the email, she wasn’t in the office to get the call, she tried to call us back but there was no reception, she wasn’t avoiding us, but she works so hard and so long trying to keep all the foreign teachers happy, and all we do is complain.

I don’t mind our TAs saying they expected our boss to tell us because, well, I expected that too. But when our boss tells a complicated blame-screen (with a couple consistency holes), it seems like she’s not so good at her job. It’s much, much worse than if she admitted a goof.

I don’t really care who dropped the ball here, I’m not going to sneak out and toilet-paper their house. I’m an American, I just want a plan for the future. I want to get on the psychic network or email list or whatever I need to get on to hear about schedule changes before I’m meant to be in class.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Probably that’s the difference between developed and developing countries. You wrote before that you were “reprimanded” for something. How does it feel to understand that in the long run nothing will change while you live and work there?

  2. Meg says:

    I don’t mean to say that every manager in the country is useless, just that our boss in particular is too busy explaining away blame to do anything constructive.

  3. Anonymous says:

    imagine what the Chinese could have done if they’d spent less time saving face

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