Too Much Information

I’m teaching my kids the “This is the way I” song this week. I’m starting with the basic version, with simple actions like Brush My Teeth and Read My Book.

I haven’t taught them the Meg version yet… Once when I covered Ron’s class in Yantai, I taught his students “This is the way I fight the Gauls”. He came back from, uh, paternity leave and had a dozen Korean kindergarteners totally unimpressed with brushing their teeth or drinking thir milk, and insisting instead on waving their imaginary gladii around.

The value of a classical education.

Anyway, today I had ne of those lessons that goes off-topic in fantastic ways. I let one of the kids pick the next verse, and they were bouncing out of their seats to say “Wash my knees!” or “Wash my nose!”, which was adorable and pretty good practice for both last month’s body parts vocab and a new sentence pattern. After a rousing rendition of “This is the way I wash my eyebrows,” I called on another boy.

“Wash my….” then he stopped and pointed at his boy parts.

Well, kid, I sure hope you do, but let’s not talk about it in English class, ok?

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    “Boy Parts?”

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