Famous in the UK! And Mental Floss…

I noticed a spike in my blog traffic after my post on our new shower, it turns out I’m getting a lot of hits from British DIY sites and home-improvement message boards… I don’t know what that says about plumbing in the UK.

Google Analytics shows where these hits are coming from, and I recognize London, Manchester, Cambridge, Reading and so forth. Then there were a bunch of unknown-to-me, but believable place names, like Dunstable or Petersfield. But Worksop? Kirkintillock? Wombwell? Huyton-With-Roby? Leyton Buzzard? Are these actual places or just clever names for proxy servers?

The information’s going to come in pretty handy the next time someone asks me if tells me I’m British.

“Yes,” I’ll say, “I’m from Leyton Buzzard. Where’s the tea?”

Edit: And! My shower post was also featured on Mental Floss! Right between gummy anatomically-correct hearts and CowAbduction.com! My internet fame knows no bounds.

If I knew I was going to be famous, I’d worn something nicer than Stick’s sweater.

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0 Responses to Famous in the UK! And Mental Floss…

  1. hledzine says:

    Kirkintillock…isn’t that the town with no pubs?

  2. smev says:

    That’s what Geordie Hamilton said……

  3. Danie says:

    Hi! I just found your blog but not by searching for plumbing info 🙂 I once posted about the trash in my neighborhood (I’m an expat in India) and titled the blog “Trashy Photos.” You wouldn’t believe the hits I had on that post. I think people thought it was a post about porn!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I came from blogrush not looking for naked pictures

  5. n318bmc says:

    😉 I am from Huyton with Roby! It is in Liverpool, UK.

    My website http://www.huytontimes.co.uk has images of the lovely place that it is! 🙂

  6. Meg says:

    AWESOME! Your hometown has a fantastic name!

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