Not Fixed

In Yantai, I used to have an electric outlet in my shower, now we have multiple outlets in the shower. These are bigger, so I suppose that’s an upgrade.

After a week without hot water, I was willing to take almost anything that offered a hot shower. Still, when we realized that the repairman was planning to leave with my computer’s power strip running through the shower area, Stick called Fairly Useless Boss, the one who’s in charge of our housing in China. Naturally, FUB told us that hers is exactly the same and it’s fine.

I want to believe her, really I do, but I’m not entirely sure how to take a shower here without serious bodily harm. With a little care, I could probably avoid smashing my head on the water heater, but then there’s this extention cord running right through the shower. I mean, I’m not an engineer or anything, but doesn’t something bad happen when you mix water and electricity? Isn’t that why I’m not supposed to blog from the bathtub?

Also because we now have a hot-water tank instead of a water heater for the whole apartment, we don’t have hot water in the bathroom sink, the washing machine or the kitchen sink. I’m not entirely sure about this, because I don’t really wash dishes or clothes, but Stick tells me you’re meant to use hot water.

Edit: The drama continues!

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16 Responses to Not Fixed

  1. Wabres says:

    um, as an engineer, I would say electricity and water mix quite well. the water (as long as its not distiled) will carry the electricity anywhere it wants to.
    Unfortunately, the problem here is the human heart and nervous system DOES NOT play nice with alternating electric current.

  2. LiuLiu says:

    To Wabres: The skin does not like electricity also

    To Anonymous: Are you saying Meg likes China too much or not enough? I think is clear her teaching job is no good but other jobs are better.

    To Meg: Many foreigners come to China and can not stay, it is too different from home. You are learning the language and the life. Do not give up!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t call that fixed, either.

    @ Anon She says “fairly useless boss” not “fairly useless country”, don’t let national pride cause you to make assumptions.

  4. Elliott Ng says:

    This photo gives me the heebie jeebies. What is this really supposed to look like? Is there an outlet above the water heater? Sorry i don’t get it!

  5. Meg says:

    Eric, I knew you were going to say that!!!

    And Elliot, I have no idea why he installed the hot water tank there instead of over the toilet, where there’s an outlet. Don’t worry, we got a new extention cord and stuck it to the ceiling.

    Thanks, Liuliu, although if you heard me speaking Chinese you wouldn’t be so impressed!

    Anon #1 We’re in China because it’s different. Outlets in the shower, batteries with a free spoon, etc., wouldn’t happen in the US.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Meg, do you mind if I ask you… What’s your current prospective at your living in China? Initially when new comer just arrives everything is probably interesting and exciting. But with time it should start getting on your nerves, especially lack of basic facilities… You even pursuaded Stick to come with you…

    PS. Why didn’t they run that cord somewhere above shower?

  7. Gray says:

    These pictures are terrifying!

  8. expatacular says:

    This reminds me of moving into the apartment I’m in now in Dongguan. We moved in in June and nothing worked properly. If you’ve ever been in Dongguan in June, you know you need an AC in working condition. I think we had them come and work on it at least 10 times before it started to get cold and we didn’t need it anymore.

  9. Anonymous says:

    You’re hits are out of control today, I think someone’s googling for white girl in the shower pictures

  10. jEFF says:

    Ah, I remember the boiling of the water in Yantai…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable! And this is the capital!

  12. Meg says:

    Hi jEFF! Yeah, washing with a cloth and a bucket brings back memories!

  13. Shenme? says:

    I love that you’re getting attacked for not liking China enough because you shared this. If you don’t like our electricity showers, you should go home, foreigner! LOL We had a thrown-together aircond in Nanjing, I should post those pictures sometime, although I’m sure some clever person called Anonymous will come by and tell me I should never have come to China!

  14. Meg says:

    Yeah, I like China and expat life, but that doesn’t mean I swallow everything I’m told, and besides, things like this are too funny not to share. I mean, I love Stick but I still laugh at him!

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