At Least It Wasn’t Blue!

I started my new job at the high school today. We did a good warm-up where I told the kids that everyone is strange, and asked them to tell me something strange about themselves. We talked about “strange” and “unusual” and I started by telling them that I think soda is disgusting, I never drink Coke.

Then I asked the class to each tell me their English name, and something odd about themselves. They really got into it, one girl told me she likes to eat baby food, a boy said he likes to hide in the bathroom so his parents won’t give him chores, another said she hates to watch TV, and so forth. It’s a rocking icebreaker, it got everyone talking.

One girl, who has that haircut that Stick and I call “the window”, told me her name. Then she grinned and lifted her bangs to show where she’d accidentally shaved off half an eyebrow.

I wanted to ask her if she’d had an accident in Transfiguration class.

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  1. Wha wha wha? says:

    Awesome to hear. But I hope you know what you got yourselves into here, with teaching Chinese HIGH SCHOOL students and all that. I hope it is a good school, a school not run by thugs…

  2. Meg says:

    I like the kids a lot. As for management, who knows if it’s run by thugs? It could be run by zombie chickens and the foreign teachers would be the last to find out.

    PS Where have you been, Wha wha wha? I’ve missed you!

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