Candidate For The Amazing Race

I wasn’t going to post this because it makes me look a little, uh, dumb. But then I thought, maybe you did something slightly dopey today and if you did, this will make you feel all better.

I thought I’d be thrifty and catch the bus home from the high school. I got on in the wrong direction because I was way too proud of myself for reading the names of the bus stops on the sign to notice there’s a little arrow underneath, telling you which way the bus is going. Then I failed to realized I was going the wrong way, because I was in a newish area and didn’t have a landmark, and also most of the Third Ring looks vaguely familiar to me.

After a while spent sitting on the bus and not arriving in Fengtai, I spotted a sign that said Ba Da Ling expressway, and I was starting to congratulate myself for reading three whole characters, when I realized that I don’t live on the Great Wall of China. I was about an hour and a hlaf away from where I meant to be, because I don’t live remotely near the Great Wall.

Well, I live closer to it than I did when I lived in New Jersey, but if you did anything dopey today, chances are you didn’t get lost and have to re-orient yourself based on the landmark visible from outer space.

Edit: It has since been brought to my attention that you can’t really see the Great Wall from space. I totally bought that propaganda, and I’m kind of sad that it’s not true.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love. This. Blog.

  2. Bill Beck says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Meg!!

  4. Meg says:

    Thanks, Bill and to whoever nominated me!

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