Happy Meal

“When we first started dating, did you ever think we’d go on a romantic date to McDonalds?” Stick asked me. We were in line at the Kan Dan Qiao 24-hour McDonalds, getting milkshakes in what is likely to become a usual Saturday-morning activity for us. (I also got a Happy Meal so I could get the Hello Kitty doll in the posters but I got a Nini Olympics cup instead. So sad! Now we have to go back!) The way we say “I love you” has really changed since we’ve been in Beijing… I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated a milkshake properly. Or Stick, for that matter.

“Did you ever think you’d take me to McDonalds by bus for this special date?” I asked him.

“Did you ever think we’d need a fifty to pay for it?”

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