Olympic Regrets?

World Have Your Say is discussing China and the Olympics tonight. The show asks the question, will China regret hosting the Olympics? I’ll be on talking about why China won’t regret it and how an Olympic protest could actually be a great thing for China’s image.

It’s a two-hour show this time, starting at 5 PM London time, which is 1 AM in China, so that’s 1 PM back home in New Jersey…

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0 Responses to Olympic Regrets?

  1. Bill says:

    Another question: IOC regrets ?

  2. maosbackyard says:

    I missed the broadcast so I listened in on the podcast. Well, I waited and waited and began to wonder if you had been edited out of it but eventually you appeared.

    Quite an interesting discussion in that it reveals many stereoptypical images. And maybe even reinforces some.

    But I didn’t hear you say why a protest might be a good opportunity for China. This was the one thing I wanted to hear. Was it clipped out?

  3. Meg says:

    Sadly, all of my first comments were cut (I was got to run my mouth twice). IT’S THE BIASED WESTERN MEDIA KEEPING ME QUIET!!! Anyway, I just posted what I said, and I really do think that a non-violent protest will be a great chance for China to show how not-repressive they’ve become.

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