The Lion, The Witch, and The… German Fighter Pilot?

Stick and I picked up the Narnia movie from Gua Ye (now that I know her name, I should probably stop calling her DVD Lady) the other day. Neither of us had seen it, and I was hoping to use The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, as morphine for my Harry Potter addiction. You know, so I could still get my fix of adorable British kids saving magic land from Evil, without boring poor Stick to death.

If I didn’t live with Stick, I would fall asleep on the couch every night watching one of the Harry Potter movies. I try to tone it down for him, because unlike my wonderful roommate Kristine, he can actually get sick of Hogwarts (I fast forward through the muggle parts).

I don’t like most recent movie, Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix. It’s not the continuity problems, or ways the movie differs from the book. But somehow a film about the government-appointed administrator with no educational background who makes teachers’ lives miserable and ruins all chance to actually educate students, just doesn’t offer the same fantasy-world escape.

Anyway, I was finishing up dinner when Stick put the Narnia DVD in.

“I think we were duped!” Stick called into the kitchen, “Unless… you read the book… Are there Nazis in Narnia?”

Turns out, the beginning of the movie is, uh, shot from a Nazi pilot’s perspective in the London blitz. Not quite what I expected, but I knew Gua Ye wouldn’t let us down.

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  2. Hugo says:

    Ok. so i almost choked on a carrot because i was laughing so hard! so here is payback: “Stick had pizza”.

  3. Meg says:

    “Hi girls. Hugo had pizza.”

  4. Cory says:

    Was it “Triumph of the Will”? No offense to “Narnia,” but if it was that, it is the greatest propaganda film of all time! Though I hear you have to have certain, um, social preferences to truly enjoy it. 😀

  5. Elliott Ng says:

    A great movie to watch to celebrate 3ast3r! C.S. Lewis Rocks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t choke on a carrot, but I laughed pretty hard too.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You make everything really funny.

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