Morning Commute

Saw this on my way to school today.

On the way home, I’m on the bus for long enough to feel like I’m really a Beijing-ren (even if I’m a pasty pale kind of Beijinger), and I leave school early enough to avoid the full-body crush of rush hour ring roads.

When I was back home in the US last summer, Stick and I went to see Stephanie and jEFF, the friends who visited me in Yantai 2 years ago. We’d all had a few drinks when Steph came up with a new game.

“Hey Meg, do you wanna play Chinese bus?” She asked. I wasn’t entirely sure what she had in mind, but I nodded anyway.

She sat on me.

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  1. Had you had more than a second to think about it, you would have realized what was coming!! Love and miss you :))

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