Office Adventures

In the office the other day…

Sven: I’m off to class to have mad fun with our apathetic teenagers!

Carol: Good job! Did you learn that word from David?

Sven: What?

Meg: He said “mad fun” not “ma fan“. (Chinese for problems or trouble)

Carol: Wow, your tones are almost as bad as Sven’s.

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0 Responses to Office Adventures

  1. Yuyu Qi says:

    Did i say that? Meg, I promis u i didnt mean to be mean to u. but u know it's my nature……..Wahaha(I m only mean to my friends. Congrutulations!)

  2. SVEN ROMBERG says:

    If I knew that word earlier, I would have been using it constantly already.

  3. Gabby Girl says:

    I learned how to tell my students to shut up in Chinese. You should have seen their faces when I first said it. It of course wore off the more I said it, but hey, it at least worked for a little bit.

    Yeah, I was a mean teacher, but I was teaching little devils. I had to be mean. 🙂

  4. Yuyu Qi says:

    say that word to Whom? Meg? Poor Meg is always Ma fan to Sven……..

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