Oddly Appropriate

I’m exhausted after a few very full days, I’ll post properly tomorrow. I had dinner and KTV tonight with the awesome CNReviews team, Elliott Ng, Min Guo and David Feng, and talk turned to checking blog stats and search terms, so I can’t possibly go to sleep without checking my own info.

It turns out the top two searches on Simpson’s Paradox are “names for Voldemort” and “Bon Jovi’s home”.

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  1. Elliott Ng says:

    LOL Meg. We had a great time with you and Stick too! He does a mean Prince cover!

    Anyway not surprising, that you were compelled to check stats! The only stat I *never* want to see for my blog? “/played”


  2. Meg says:

    Haha! That would be kind of disturbing!

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