Nate James’ Orient-ation is a new China expat blog. He’s heavy on descriptions of daily Chinese life (as he gets, uh, oriented), like this one:

The waitress comes out with the plate, steaming hot, mouth-watering. Your nose picks up the intense aroma. The flavors. You’re seething


Your date immediately ploughs into it as if they haven’t had a meal in weeks. They hoover every inch of the plate within seconds graciously leaving you two bites to enjoy. Your life is now over.

Food is put in the center and it doesn’t matter how much you LIKE IT, if you have a party of 6, you won’t get more than 3 bites of it. The procedure isn’t always like this but it does happen, and as a lover of all things delicious – it makes me sad.

May I suggest some Yanjing beer to dull the pain, Nate?

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7 thoughts on “Orient-ation

  1. @Nick… do you know I read RiceAgain for an embarrassingly long time before realizing that’s Whyguoren with a makeover?

  2. Sorry about the selling of the soul nonsense. It’s a pretty backwater site. I plan on moving over to something more stable later on.

  3. @Meg, I hope you enjoy it!

    @Kevin, true, but still nice to see people still get a kick out of it even after everyone else is all burnt out and jaded.

  4. @ Kevin — I think I like Nate’s blog because he IS reacting to same thing we’ve all been through, but he’s not taking the “OMG! SPITTING!!! SQUAT TOILETS!!!” approach the a lot of new-to-China blogs take.

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