I’ve come to realise that my life is not so interesting and there are many more informative blogs about expat life in China. The only hope I have to distinguish myself is to write with correct grammar and adequate spelling.

James Huang – Far far away from Scouseland

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  1. Luke Gedeon says:

    There may be more interesting English speaking people in China that are blogging about real life there, but I have not found them yet. Blog friends are like friends in real life. Maybe there are more interesting people out there but you talk to and listen to your friends.

    I cannot remember now who introduced me to your blog but I enjoy it. Thank you also for introducing me to James.

  2. Having been a subscriber to many of the expat blogs, I find your blog to be the best. Upbeat, funny, and charismatic.

  3. flotsam says:

    No quotation marks. Couldn’t this be construed as plagiarism, Ms. Stivison?

  4. Kevin says:

    What a perfect line this is, about blogging in general, not your blog or China blogs specifically. But then Flotsam pointed out that you’ve gone and plagiarized some else’s name!

  5. Meg says:

    Thanks, guys! It is great to have such awesome blogfriends! (Well, except you FLOTSAM! It’s in blockquotes! That totally counts!)

    I promise I didn’t post this in a fishing-for-compliments way, (although they are much appreciated!) I just liked what he said about the prevalence of both “OMG! CHINA!” blogs and blogs of people who are doing amazing things in China, not just teaching ESL.

    I also like the reminder to check for typos, something I always forget to do.

  6. flotsam says:

    Blockquotes? Where? No sign of them on my screen. I got out the magnifying glass and examined every pixel. Not a byte, bit, 0 or 1 of an inverted comma to be seen . . .

    Send it back to shop, get a new blog -)

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