Gustav Alerts

So I’m doing a blog for my mom’s museum, the Gustav Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms.

I had this awesome idea to do a series of posts on a “Stickley in the blogosphere” theme, connecting to  posts on personal blogs talking about trips to the museum. It was pretty successful, I found a lot of people blogging about their great day at the museum, which made my mom really happy and reassured her that there’s something in this whole blogging thing.

As part of my search for material, i set up a Bloglines search for blogs mentioning a certain collection of keywords, so that when someone else blogs about SM@CF, I can see it. These are fairly uncommon search terms so it usually turns up worthwhile posts about people who’re renovating Stickley-style homes or who took their kids to a day at the Farms.

This morning, though, I found literally hundreds of bloggers using some of my search terms.

Stupid tropical storm hurricane Gustav.

…Fortunately the storm missed New Orleans and was downgraded, so now I feel better about giggling whenever I see a Gustav headline.

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  1. Eric L says:

    That’s an excellent small museum blog you have going. You need to add it to this directory: (My favorite museum blog is Eye Level over at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art.)

  2. Meg says:

    Thanks, Librarian Man! Nice collection of museum-related blogs, both large + small.

    I just added SM@CF… I especially like the part of the form that says “We will never give away your email address or use it for evil. “

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