Screaming Fanboys At The Historical Society

I’m doing some work for my mom, making a blog for her museum. It’s a great project, although I’m not exactly  knowledgable about history or art in the last 2000 years, so she has to keep me from writing things like “Come to an old house and look at stuff!” and “Some famous guy is going to talk about the pretty things here.”

We were talking about the tone for the blog, and how I won’t be saying “This wasn’t made by Romans, but it’s still old.” and about the colors my mom wants to use, and how even a small typo in a good article lowers the whole feeling of the site. Like teh for the, my mom says.

Teh is so common it’s a joke in games journalism.” I agree.

“A joke? How can a typo be a joke?”

“If you really like something, you might use teh and a bunch of superlatives and a couple ones instead of exclamation points.”  This is not the most intuitive description ever. In my mom’s terms, teh coolest historically accurate arts-and-crafts movement furniture evah!!!1!1!1!

“That’s not particularly funny.” My mom says. I’m kind of with her there, internet jokes rarely translate well to actual verbal communication.

“It’s sarcastic.”

“How is that sarcastic?”

“It’s making fun of screaming fanboy game reviews.”

“Screaming fanboy?”

At least we agree on a deep dislike for anything that pops up, blinks or flashes.

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0 Responses to Screaming Fanboys At The Historical Society

  1. Bill says:

    Making fun of people who are stupider than you is fun and easy.

  2. flotsam says:

    “her museum” – you mean a place for old artefacts? You have old things in the USA? The buildings in the centre of the place where I live are several hundred years older than the USA.

  3. Kevin says:

    @Bill You mean people who think pop-ups and auto-music add to the site?

  4. Steve (formerly of Hangzhou) says:

    “This wasn’t made by Romans, but it’s still old.”

    teh best line evah111!!111 MEG!!111one!!!111

  5. Steve (formerly of Hangzhou) says:

    Did you know that every time you said “American” it’s autotagged as “Eric”?

  6. Germaine says:

    The museum blog looks great! 😀

  7. Stuart says:


    Unrelated comment:

    As a loyal HP fan, you should check out this.

  8. Karen says:

    Your mom is funny! And Germaine is right, nice new blog!

  9. Meg says:

    @Bill!!! I didn’t know you read my blog!!! hi!!!

    @ Flotsam shouldn’t you be off somewhere adding U to words, and calling Z’s “Zed”? 😛

    @ Germaine + Karen Thank you! I’m proud!

    @ Stuart Thanks so much for the tip! I’m becoming increasingly disappointed in the HP movies, actually, but my love for the books remains unchanged!

  10. flotsam says:

    @Ms Stivison – and I’m still mad at you for lowering the tone of this blog

  11. Meg says:

    Haha! That was a classy photo of lovely eating establishment in a foreign culture! (Plus we got milkshakes)

  12. flotsam says:

    When someone uses my family name [as you have done in your b-title] I expect it to be treated with respect not dragged down to such depths.

  13. john says:

    Real nice post. Many bloggers write same old things on how and why to comment. This post talks something different in dept. Definitely a post from a professional blogger who has done the homework pretty well.

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