Phone conversation with Allison tonight. Friends of ours got married on the Cape this weekend, and I’d already talked to Eric, who’d officiated the ceremony as a temporary justice of the peace, about the wedding. But when girls talk about bridal gowns, they need more and different adjectives than engineers like Eric like to give. (Although, Eric did have a short description of the gown, when I’d been expecting him to say “it was a dress”). Allison is one of my UMass crowd, but now she and her husband live in Texas, so they combined the trip to the wedding with a Mass vacation.

Allison: … and then we went to Provincetown.

Meg: Did you go to all the bookstores?

Allison:  And all the sex shops.

Meg: We have different priorities.

Allison: I said “and”!

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  1. Katie Rabbit says:

    That sounds like Tryon and I. Everytime we’re in/around/near Mahwah or highway 17 we ALWAYS make time to stop in at our favorite sex shop called “Romantic Depot.” Why is it our fav? It’s clean, well-lit, no old-hairy-creepy men jacking in the corner, and their staff is helpful and friendly….plus of course all the great toys and other goodies. 🙂

  2. Meg says:

    When you say “romantic depot” I picture a Home Depot with pallets of “marital aids”

  3. Katie Rabbit says:

    HAH! No. It’s an old regular video store with that kind of facade in the front…and when you go in there are dildos! Very different. 😉

  4. James says:

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  5. Meg says:

    hmmm… I’m not really up on spam comments but I thought that you were supposed to leave a working link for the PR benefit of an incoming link.

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