Applegate Farms

Applegate Farms is famous because it was my high-school job… ok, actually, it’s famous because some scenes of The Sopranos were filmed there.

My friend Garan worked there for a while, too, but he doesn’t have a hat because his head was too big to wear one. True story. He had to wear a white paper soda jerk hat, but even so girls were STILL chasing him around. Some days it was very hard to be friends with Garan, what with all the girls following him around and agreeing with everything he said.

The Applegates website says they are one of the largest ice cream retailers on the East Coast, and they have new shops all over. We worked at the first Applegates, on Grove Street, which was the only Applegate Farms when we worked there.

Also we had to walk there. Uphill both ways.

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  1. Applegates has a giant fucking sundae for 20 bucks. I say like four people throw in five bucks each, and we split the empty calories.

  2. Didn't you sprain your wrist working there? Or did Garan? I remember somebody was seriously injured and I was shocked to discover just how dangerous a funhappyicecreammoocowpretty job could be. Shocked and appalled. But not enough to stop eating my chocolate-dipped sugar cone full of chocolate peanut butter ice cream goodness.

  3. Kevin says:

    I love your found-while-unpacking entries. it’s an insight into your pre-blog life.

  4. It wasn't because my head was too big, it was because they didn't have any more!Of course, they got me a used hat after my second week… that was to be my incentive to stay on a further two weeks after it was discovered scooping ice-cream screwed up my bass playing:p

  5. Wabres says:

    So, apparently Wings and DP Dough are now multi-locational.

  6. Meg says:

    Maybe there will be a Raleigh Wings!

  7. Emily Marmo says:

    In all fairness I worked there also. I was actually a daytime manager for a summer. I think that most of MHS can share in the joys that were the sharp endges to the ice cream containers…

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