Purple State

I’m so happy whenever I read “president elect Obama” and I feel like our bit of a battleground state really came through. Votes are finally in for my new home state of NC, our purple state went for Obama by less than 1%.

I voted democrat almost straight through, but for state senate, I voted for some libertarian who wasn’t constantly spamming me with catfight infomercials. I’m in the minority there, though.

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  1. Andrea says:

    It’s amazing how close the vote was in NC & IN. Ian & I kept refreshing the maps online, and both states kept flipping who was in the lead, and most of the time the margin was less than 10,000 votes. You can’t live in NC or IN and think “Eh, 1 vote doesn’t matter”! Actually that’s true in quite a lot of places at this point – the MN senate race is going to automatic recount because there was less than a 600 vote difference!

    Ok, sorry, I’m a total political junkie (read: nerd). I love talking about this stuff. Don’t know what I’m going to do once there’s nothing left to speculate on. (In the meantime, it’s fun playing “Guess the Cabinet” for who President Obama will appoint.)

  2. Meg says:

    We kept hitting refresh here too, watching the county tallies come in. With a 1% lead for Obama, I really feel like the paperwork hassle in getting registered to vote in our new state, and the long line to cast our votes really was worth it.

    Now the real work begins for Obama!

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