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I dropped off my CV at some places in the local mall today. It was kind of a downer, I didn’t go to 4 5 6 years of college to ring a register, but 3 classes a week doesn’t make a proper paycheck. I decided to focus on the bright side of  a simple job that won’t spill over into my free time, and not on putting on ridiculous dress code clothes to fulfill zany requests from corporate and customers. One place wanted me to handcopy my resume onto their official application (see previous re: “zany requests from corporate”) I started to laugh when I got to the references section, because does someone think I want a retail job badly enough to lie about it?

Later on today I had an interview, well, more of a meeting with a possible employer for some SEO and content writing work. Kind of what I’ve been doing here and there, but longer term and more regular work. They had a map of Middle Earth and a RENT poster on the office walls. Things are looking up!

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  1. Gabrielle says:

    Hope you find something soon. I totally understand what you mean about being a little bit down about having to ring a register, but any kind of job right now is better than no job. I have my toes and fingers crossed hoping that I don’t lose my job. There is a hiring freeze and a budget cut going on and since I work in the employment office – well, I can foresee an axe hanging over my head. I really hope not, though.

    Hope you find something that makes you happy and pays the bills.

  2. MaiXu says:

    Good luck Meg. I’ve also gotten into two jobs since moving back from China in August … 10 great hours a week at the college writing center doesn’t pay the bills, so I’m a barista at Starbucks. Not an ideal work environment for me, but they offer an attractive benefits package for even part-time employees … might be something to consider.

    How did you get in contact with SOE folk? Gaming has taken a back seat as a hobby for the two years I was in China, but I am scratching that itch now, and would love to find some way to make work align with hobbies.

  3. Meg says:

    @Gabby Thanks so much! I know that any job is a good thing, especially now. But it feels like an awful waste of college years and tuition to get the kind of jobs I had as a teenager. Are you still w/ the recruiting co? Has that been affected?

    @ Matt It’s SEO as in Search Engine Optimization, I only wish I worked for Sony games! I also considered Starbucks because of the benefits, for some reason teaching 2 classes/week doesn’t get me health insurance. Stick works in gaming, though, for Epic Games. Where are you located now that you’re in the US, anyway?

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