A Freaking Frigidarium

Riding in the car with Stick is sometimes a bizarre crash course in boyfriend stream-of-consciousness. Last night he announced that he wants to open a theme restaurant.

“I’ll call it the Frigidarium,” he says, “And when people ask me why the heat isn’t turned on, I’ll say, because it’s a freaking Frigidarium!”

“Um, will you have air conditioning in the summer?”  I ask.

“Yes, because it’s a freaking Frigidarium!”

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  1. Gabrielle says:

    I wanted to open a State Fair themed restaurant. All the food would be there, but at half the price. I thought my tag line would be something like – “So good, it will kill you.” I can’t imagine it would work, but man, I would love to be able to indulge in Fair food any time I wanted.

  2. Meg says:

    I would go there if you opened that place!! mmm fried food…

  3. stick says:

    Would you keep farm animals there too? Rides? Carnies? All the fun of the fair with no walking…hooray!

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