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PanAsianBiz has a new post on the top English blogs about China. They’ve listed the top ten blogs in six categories, based on the categories and votes received on Chinalyst’s best China blog contest. I didn’t win Chinalyst’s contest, but I’m listed on PanAsianBiz’s top ten personal China blogs. Yay! Here are the rest:

1. Beijing Boyce A Somewhat Young China Hand on the Local Drinking Scene – Looks at pubs, clubs, and bars, wine, Whiskey, and cocktails, in the nation’s capital, often through the somewhat blurry lens of nights out with friends

2. Thomas Crampton – China, Media and Technology as seen by a recovering journalist – China, Internet and new media seen from Asia

3. Absurdity, Allegory and ChinaThe Kingdom from another angle

4. China Hope Live – a Canadian-American couple with M.A.s in Intercultural Studies trying to live into and love – and some days just survive – China.

5. Reflections in a Chinese Eye – American expat, retired, part time teacher, my experience in China for the past two years.  Opinions, news, musings of an uneducated, ignorant, but still learning “Old Man.”

6. Expatriate Games – An America experiencing mid-life in The Middle Kingdom, living in, working for and learning about China. I agreed to teach English to the

7. – Popular funny blog based in Shanghai. Originator of Shoe Tuesday- the only footwear / day combination you will ever need.

8. Simpson’s Paradox – Living, working and playing videogames in Beijing. (Formerly Violet Eclipse)

9. The Humanaught: Life In Suzhou – The discursive writings of a Canadian expat somewhat trapped in China. The blog follows his life in Suzhou, with topics ranging from the mundane to insane.

10. Ambassador Doodle – Stories of travel, education and adventure.

Via PanAsianBiz >> The 60 Best Blogs On China In English

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