New Jeans Day

Yesterday I found the greatest pair of jeans on the irregulars rack. I guess this means I have an irregular figure because they fit absolutely perfectly. And they were $10!

This is actually not the first time I found perfectly fitting jeans for $10. Last time, I found the greatest pair of jeans in the Amherst Salvation Army.

Those were the best jeans in the world, they fit on both my waist and my hips, and I didn’t need a belt. They also had a magical property, I could sit down without showing the top of my underwear (yeah, like you all needed to know that). They were that perfect length, which never showed ankle and never dragged on the ground. They had magical flares that worked with boots and sneakers. And because they were secondhand they were already broken in so they were comfortable the first day!

One day, I wore my amazing jeans to my college job in the bookstore, where Mona, another employee, greeted me with “Oh, I didn’t know Jordache Jeans were still in style! I thought no one wore those anymore! Didn’t they go out in the eighties? You must have been about six when they were out of fashion!”

I wore those Jordache jeans almost every day until they wore out, but I kind of wonder if I need to cut the labels off my new jeans in case I’m walking around with another fashion faux pas.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Ha! I still have a pair of those ‘perfect’ jeans hidden away (in the unlikely event I can roll back time to the body I had in high school). My favorites were Yukon Blue jeans, and you could get them at Dots for $10/pair. 🙂

  2. Luke Gedeon says:

    I kind of get the feeling that the phrase “out of style” is out of style these days. I think you can get away with anything from any time period, at least for now.

  3. Meg says:

    @Andrea I got a couple more great pairs when Bethie got taller than me and I could start wearing HER hand-me-downs for a change.

    @Luke I keep telling that to my students! Express yourself! Wear crazy things! I can be a little oblivious (ok, a lot), and I didn’t grow up in a brand-conscious house so I was surprised that there was this other side of fashion + I was sending signals I wasn’t aware of.

  4. Vonda says:

    I too have often found my best jeans in unusual places. My current best were $17 at TJ Maxx. I once boarded a plane with my absolute favorite jeans in my little carry-on backpack (yes, I carried ticket, wallet, book, jeans!) I needed them for the trip and couldn’t bear the possibility that if my checked bag were to be lost, they would go with it. There were lots of things in that checked bag that I wouldn’t have wanted to re-purchase, but I wasn’t about to let those jeans go!

  5. Meg says:

    Haha! Vonda, you’re awesome! That’s true love for the jeans!

    I love TJMaxx…. mine were from Marshalls, which I think is TJ Maxx with a different name.

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