Montclair, The Land of Hunan House

Every time I came home from college or from traveling, the first thing I’d want to do in my hometown of Montclair is go eat Hunan House Chinese food. So yesterday, when I flew in from Raleigh to my parents’ house (en route to my sister’s graduation), I went to Hunan House with my dad.

Hunan House is my absolute favorite food in the world. I was so sad when I got to Yantai and found out that real Chinese food was not just like eating Hunan House pork fried rice, chicken lo mein and wonton soup every day. Partly because it turns out I’m not a fan of the authentic Chinese seafood in Yantai, but also because a year of Hunan House everyday is still not enough!

Hunan House on UrbanspoonService at Hunan House is not great. Waitresses wish you weren’t there to bother them, and they make that clear by pointing vaguely at a table, slapping some menus down, and walking away. But who cares if you have to fuwuyuan for attention? (I haven’t actually tested this, my family always prevents me) It’s Hunan House Chinese food! I’d go into the kitchen and help myself if they’d let me! I think there’s some kind of addictive chemical added.

Hunan House is down some steps behind the A&P parking lot, which backs up my theory that the harder-to-find and less attractive the outside of the restaurant is, the better the food is inside.

As we were leaving, my dad pointed at the Hunan House name painted on the concrete wall.  “Remember when you were in China and I sent you a picture of that?”

“Yeah. It made me hungry for Chinese food.”

Hunan House on Restaurantica

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