That You Can Live By

One of my November resolutions was to need the “job hunting” tag less frequently. (New Year’s resolutions are for conformists) For the most part, that’s worked out. I have some great clients and gigs right now, and no horror stories. But the Chinese school semester ended last week so I’m looking for some kind of summer work. I found a fun and interesting temp job, but I literally gasped when I was told how low the rate was.

I asked for a few days to think it over. One hand, fun and interesting! But on the other hand, how much will my self-esteem suffer by making what I made in high school? I laid out all the pros and cons to my mom on the phone.

“I think it all comes down to whether there’s a dress code,” I said, “The salary so ridiculously low that it’s barely worth the gas money to come in. If I have to buy khakis or something, it’s actually a money-losing proposition.”

“Well… you wouldn’t come to work in something skimpy or ratty, would you?”

“No. But you know, Mom, I think a job has to offer me health insurance to make me dress like an adult.”

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