Buckwheat Farm is out in Apex, so we drove through old Apex on the way home. Last summer, when we were looking for an apartment, I secretly wanted to live in Apex. Not because I know anything in particular about Apex, just because of Undine Sprague. (Really, it’s hard to work a good Edith Wharton joke into conversation. I think it’s all the suicides.)

This is more what I was expecting from North Carolina. These old buildings are North Carolina’s hutongs, something that was once so everyday has becoming car-stoppingly photo-worthy. Like the hutongs, they’re disappearing into modern life.

I don’t know if old is automatically better than new — I was not too thrilled with the bugs in our hutong — but it’s sad to see old buildings with such character replaced by developments of matching houses or industrial parks of matching offices.

(Your feed reader isn’t broken, this was originally part of Harvest Moonlighting but it seemed like a disconnect when I reread it, so I decided to make this into its own post.)

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