Miss Venezuala

So I’m working on a blog promotion for Thimbler. I’m having such a great time with it… usually I’m on the receiving end of poorly-targeted Dear Blogger sales emails. I really resent those emails, both because marketing teams seem to think that if I’m a blogger with ovaries, I must be a mommyblogger, and therefore, I’d love to tell my readers about baby slings and sippy cups! And I also resent the idea that bloggers will spam our readers with product information just because someone massmailed a form letter.

I might have given a long and impassioned rant about this, but for whatever the reason, my boss gave me a lot of space and autonomy to make that not happen. It’s been surprisingly fun to track down relevant bloggers, girls who’d enjoy the promo, whose readers would be interested and not feel spammed, and it’s also been fun to get an awesome product into indie fashion bloggers’ hands.

Anyway, a designer at Thimbler suggested a possible blog to me, and that’s when things got a little crazy. The blog is super popular, but I had a little trouble with it, as half of it is in espanol and my Spanish is SpanishPod Easy (Did I tell you I’m learning some Spanish? I’m learning some Spanish.)

It turns out that the blogger’s actually a former Miss Venezuela!

That’s not the crazy part.

I googled her name and found a lot of hits. At first I thought it was one of those cute mistaken identity stories, like that time we were studying Latin in the library, and Jared wanted to find our syllabus online, so he googled our Latin teacher’s name and found out she shares her first and last name with a porn star. Maybe that wasn’t so cute.

Nope, Miss Venezuela is also a high-powered lawyer.

No, that’s not the crazy part. WAIT FOR IT.

Some of those name-related hits had to do with her performances on Sabado Gigante a bunch of times, and, after we got in touch, and talked about Thimbler and Don Fransisco and so forth, it turned out that she remembered our episode of Sabado Gigante.

That was the crazy part.

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  1. G says:

    That is absolutely nuts!

  2. Meg says:

    I know! How weird is that?!?

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