Summer Camp

I’m in my hometown in New Jersey for a week, helping with Vacation Bible School at my dad’s church. I’ve gotten some surprised looks from different clients and co-workers when I said I’ll be out of town because I’m going to help my pastor father with church camp. At one of my more irreverent workplaces, I could almost see the mental wheels turning as the team tried to remember if they’d told any religious jokes around me. Sometime I should post about becoming a PK in my early twenties, and by “PK,” I actually meant Preacher’s Kid and not Player Killer.

PK is a new role for me, but teaching kids isn’t. Today I was helping the kids at camp with their art projects, which mostly means keeping glue away from clothing and breaking up disputes over the purple marker, when a little boy called me over to help him with the picture he was making.

“Miss Meg!” he asked, sure that I would be able to help him, “How do you spell alien anti-gravity controller?”

Edit 8/16: My dad asked me if this post was true, and I assured him that it was, but in the interest of complete factual accuracy, I should point out that the art project actually says alien-controlled gravity controller.

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  1. Stick says:

    Good job Rex!! (It’s good to be the king)

  2. Meg says:

    I knew you’d notice that!

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