Textbook Case

Look! I'm in a textbook! by you.

Look, another post where I hold up something to which I’ve contributed to in a tiny way!

My Craftsman Farms blog and I are mentioned in this business communications textbook! I’m on page 5, so this will be covered early enough in the semester that everyone will be on top of their reading assignments!

When I got this book… oh, who exactly am I kidding here? When I was doing my happy dance around the apartment and pointing this out to Stick over and over, I wondered why the book didn’t include any links to these social media projects. Yes, I forgot that paper doesn’t have hyperlinks. I should really consider getting out more.

my page -- close up by you.

The paragraph isn’t entirely clear on this, but I’m in Cary, NC, not the Stickley Museum.


Business Communication Today (10th Edition) on Amazon

Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms blog

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0 Responses to Textbook Case

  1. tint says:

    Go meg! You have been immortalized.

  2. Katie Rabbit says:

    ::does a jiggity jig:: AWESOME!!!!

  3. Meg says:

    Just think, people are being forced to read about me. It’s like writer immortality!

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