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Wisegal is actually the second time I’ve contributed to a Lifetime casual game. I also helped to test Lifetime / Large Animal Game’s Fashion Solitaire in 2008, although I didn’t make it into the credits. Maybe I shouldn’t make fun of Lifetime TV anymore…  Maybe.

This game also marks the second time Amanda d’Adesky and I have contributed to a game together. This is hilarious because I discovered Amanda’s blog through her reaction to Brenda Brathwaite’s Train when I was researching my ThumbGods’ piece on Train. Turns out that she lives in NC, and also focus tests at Merscom, and works on about ten thousand indie game projects, and is just all-around awesome.

I would always be proud of my name in a game’s credit’s, but Wisegal happened to come out just in time to save my self-image from becoming tied too closely to my new waitressing gig. I can’t really complain about the endless mango lassis, but sometimes it’s a bit hard to see people seeing me as a not-so-bright bearer of menus. I do try to work that time the BBC called me to comment on Chinese-Western relations into conversation, but usually people just want me to get them drink refills. Whatever.

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  1. katie rabbit says:

    Awesome news!! I love seeing your name on the credits! It’s so cool having famous friends. 😉

  2. Meg says:

    It’s really just a typical hidden-objects, nothing really noteworthy, but it’s always so interesting to see a game in production and then see the final product.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is even funnier because you’re not joking about the BBC and East-west relations.

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