For Your Eyes Only

Manager codes for a cash register just strike me as ridiculous. (Some of the other things that have this effect are insurance for rented exercise equipment and plastic severed heads.) It’s like an announcement from the employer that their employees are trustworthy enough to handle cash without stealing, but not trustworthy enough to handle voiding items without stealing, or perhaps that their employees are smart enough to make change without screwing up, but not smart enough to void a sale without screwing up.

Anyway, turns out I’m smart enough and trustworthy enough to have a manager code at the restaurant. I knew that degree would come in handy! I usually put my hands over my ears and sing loudly whenever a boss suggests I take on more responsibility, because although I do like working at the restaurant, I also like to go home and not think about work! But sometimes my customers change their orders or have special payment requests, so I guess I have to be responsible, just this once.  The code I’d been using, which was not quite 1234, but along those security lines, making me think that my boss sees manager codes the way I do, recently changed over the weekend, and I was given a new, four-digit code.

The next day, when I came in to open, there was a note from a co-worker on the register saying the code had changed and giving me a new, 8-digit code, and asking me to memorize this number and destroy the note. 

Yesterday, there was a new note, with a new 10-digit secret code , and a request to memorize this number and destroy the note after reading.

I imagine I’ll need my social security number and a PIN to use a new twenty-digit code tomorrow. But I hope the next note will be high-security enough to self-destruct after reading!

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  1. Chris says:

    I’ve had a lot of codes in my day from a 2 digit one in high school, through the one I have now at the hospital which includes letters….

  2. Meg says:

    And that’s another problem I have w/ register codes. You’re competent, so now you can come fix the Baby Giraffe’s mistakes. Now when someone had to actually think to ring someone up, or there was a problem, it became your job to come over, ask what was wrong, explain things to the customer, and fix the issue while the cashier stood there looking bored.

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