I made it to the first day of the Triangle Game Conference this morning with a minimum of fuss and confusion, and picked up my very first media pass! It’s so awesome, I’m thinking I might start wearing it everywhere.

Chinese school:  I’m press, ok, kids? That’s practically the living embodiment of the AP Style Guide, so if I say there’s no hyphen there, then there’s no hyphen there!

The restaurant: You think all I do is recite the lunch specials and refill water glasses?  Just look at my press pass! I’m talented! Um… would you like to hear our lunch specials?

Around the house: Sorry, I can’t possibly do any laundry, I’m composing deathless prose over here.

Kind of disappointed that I missed the era of PRESS cards in hatbands.

The first rule of conferences, according to the ever-awesome Amanda d’Adesky,  is to write down the level and section where you parked your car. The second  is not to keep drinking more and more coffee because you find smalltalk easier when you have something to do with your hands. (I figured that second one out all by myself.)

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3 Responses to Impressive

  1. Betty Wyka says:

    I thought you were pretty impressive before this. A whole new level of impressive now! Congrats!! Love the longing for the press pass in the hat. 🙂

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