My friends are all big fan of bubble tea, and I was happy to go along to Lollicup, a bubble-tea spot, because wherever there’s boba, there are also delicious crazy juices. Like watermelon. Yum.

Lollicup Denver on Urbanspoon We’d planned to take our drinks to go, and continue on Hugo and Diana’s tour of all the reasons we should move to Denver, but were distracted by the toys, games and Asian magazines in Lollicup.

There was also a stack of I have a desperately uncool habit of looking at anything written in Chinese and announcing the characters that I can recognize.  It’s lame and annoying, and yet I’m so incredibly proud of myself that I can’t stop. Eventually I will progress beyond just reading the date aloud and actually know what’s in the paper.


We played some foozball, too, blaming any mistakes the headless players and the rogue Red Shirt on the Blue Shirts’ team.  It was pretty close, but eventually Stick and I pulled into the lead. (This has more to do with Diana scoring on herself slightly more often than I scored on myself, but let’s not talk about that.) (We are prize girlfriends, let me tell you!)

And then Hugo turned Lollicup into yet another reason we should move to Denver.

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