Mile-High Romance

The first minute I arrived in Denver, Diana pulled me aside to tell me there was a surprise happening at Hugo’s citizenship party the next day. I tried to keep a straight face, because, well, there IS a big surprise happening at Hugo’s citizenship party, but I didn’t know Diana was in on it…

Diana whispered quickly that they were throwing a Mexican-themed party as a joke, and that their friends had already started preparing Mexican food, drinks and decor, and man, wasn’t Hugo going to be surprised when he saw it?

Hugo’s surprise for Diana involved a ring. (And wow, it was incredibly hard to keep that quiet. Stick and I could never be Secretkeepers. Stick would forget and just let it slip in conversation, and I’d post the Order of the Phoenix’s secret address on my blog.)

On the morning of the party, Diana left to help the friends hosting Hugo’s citizenship party prepare Mexican food and hang up the pinata.  Meanwhile, back at Hugo and Diana’s house, Hugo was getting ready for something else:

Hugo is about to propose!

After a bit of maneuvering with Karena, the hostess of Hugo’s “citizenship party”, Diana was inside waiting to surprise him with a sombrero and a margarita, and Hugo was at the door, waiting to surprise Diana with a ring and a bouquet of roses.

Diana says no

I guess she likes roses.

Diana says yes

Skyping family
Skyping the family (PS: More photos here, Silvana!)

Obligatory Ring Photo
Obligatory Ring Photo

Hugo celebrates
Oh, and Diana’s surprise? Turns out Hugo thought the Mexican theme was pretty good too!

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0 Responses to Mile-High Romance

  1. heather says:

    how exciting! what a double surprise.

  2. Meg says:

    It was AWESOME! Totally worth all the stress of trying to stay quiet about it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tia Helida

  4. Eliana Dowden says:

    Parabens Hugo!

    Voce encontrou sua princesa e merece ser feliz!!!!!!


  5. Samir Goncalves says:

    Man hugo you’re one charming, charismatic, romantic, classy guy! I’m so happy to be a part of your special day and I’m really proud of you. Maybe I’ll get to be like you when I grow up!

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