Still Here

Perhaps I’ve mentioned this once or twice, but I was recently in Denver visiting my friends. And before that, I was at the Triangle games conference. I’m back working my usual shift in the restaurant now, with a refreshed appetite for mango lassis. (I’m also trying not to kill a certain prep cook who cannot seem to remember that every single main course comes with bread. He’s mixing it up a little, instead of staring at the order in confusion for several minutes and then asking me if it has bread, now he’s handing me the finished plate and then asking if there should have been bread. A wise teacher, and a teaching mentor, once told me that getting things wrong in a new way can be the start of learning. I don’t know if it applies here, but I’m hoping.)

Two fairly regular customers came in today. At first, I was flattered that they seemed more than a little pleased to see me. “You’re still here! That’s great!” the husband greeted me, with huge enthusiasm. “We didn’t see you last time, so we figured you’d quit and gotten something better.”

“We thought you’d gotten a new job.” His wife agreed. “You’re so bright and efficient, and waitressing is such a dead-end job.”

“Waitresses have such low pay and such long hours standing and all that running around and no prospects for advancement and customers are rude to you all day long. But you’re still here!”

YES! Okay! Got it! My job situation still sucks! Can I get you a drink?

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5 Responses to Still Here

  1. Harold Sipe says:

    I am sure they MEANT well, but JESUS. People really don’t think before they speak.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love how made several rude remarks and then pointed out that customers can be rude.

  3. Meg says:

    Yeah, I think they meant it as more “you’re our favorite waitress” than “you’re completely hopeless!” but still, ouch!

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