Stick brought in the mail yesterday, and brought me a book I’d ordered and a couple adverts, and then asked if maybe I was waiting for something else to arrive. I guess in the excitement of getting my press credentials confirmed and booking my Los Angeles solo trip, I’d completely forgotten that a physical E3 media pass was on it’s way!

Yeah, I’m going to E3 next month! I first blogged about wanting to see E3 in 2006, so when my press pass came yesterday, I was more than little excited. I’ll be covering some events for Indie Game Mag, and then I’m going to go into the press room and file my stories, the way a real games journalist does. I’ll be the kind of games journalist who’s completely starstuck by who else is in the press room… but still.

Think I have time to find an old-fashioned press hat before the expo?

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