But After Midnight, I Was Stuck With This Pumpkin

I saw this on PostSecret a few weeks back, and it perfectly captures how I feel about traveling. Maybe I’m not completely enamored with the cattle call of boarding, or the choice between eating airport McD’s or airport Burger King, but I love the feeling of possibility. I love distant, exotic place names on the departures boards.

Besides the excitement of being a real journalist (and really, I can’t overstate the awesomeness of that), and seeing all the new games,  this was last week was my first trip to Los Angeles. I’ve really missed city life, the buses and taxis and crowds. I saw the Pacific for the first time, and that was awesome in a lot of ways.

And now I’m back. I wanted to say ‘back home’ but I don’t really feel like Raleigh is my home. I worked at the restaurant today, and while it didn’t go quite as badly as my last post-travel, post-conference return to work, it wasn’t a great day. Spent a while catching up on little things, and wondering if my contribution to the world will be that I wiped down the check folders or refilled the sugar packets.  I’m stagnating professionally, financially and even romantically, and it’s all been thrown into sharper focus by my amazing week.

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