More Than A Feeling

I’m visiting my awesome sister in Boston now. We had a salon last night where she played me some songs she’s working on and I read her my latest story.

In a lot of ways, New England is home to me. I love the saltbox houses and the town greens, and absence has made the heart grow fonder of ubiquitous Red Sox caps. I even like riding the T.  (If you’ve just tuned into Simpson’s Paradox, I feel about driving the way most people feel about visiting the dentist. Oh, not the dread and anxiety part, I just mean that driving is better than all my teeth falling out.)

As Eric said: Welcome back to the homeworld.

[PS I reread several years of Pie2K comics to find this one to go with the title.]

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0 Responses to More Than A Feeling

  1. say hi to Boston for me.

  2. Meg Stivison says:

    was in Harvard Square yesterday, made me think of you

  3. I was there about a month ago. Reminds me of you as well. And frozen rain. But mostly you.

  4. You need to move back permanently!

  5. Meg Stivison says:

    🙂 Hey, are you and Pat coming to Eric's tonight?

  6. Should I bring wine/girly drinks?

  7. I absolutely miss so many things about MA! I will be going back there in August for a week to be with the fam… :oP

  8. Elyse says:

    I have a sister and some good friends who live in the Boston area and even though I’m not from New England originally, I am totally entranced with the area as well (even if the local version of Chinese food kinda sucks, ha) 😉

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