Indie Game Mag, Issue 11

Issue 11 of Indie Game Mag is out, including my article on IndieCade:

In the midst of the booth babes, the pumping ‘Poker Face’ from the Dance Central demo at Harmonix, and the all-out gaming promo swag of E3 is a section devoted to IndieCade, an independent games showcase.

IndieCade will host the third annual International Festival of Independent Games this October 8-10 in Culver City, California. This showcase displays of some of the best indie games from around the world. The exhibit in October will feature the winners of IndieCade’s competition, as decided by voters and players, but for a bit of a sneak preview, IndieCade organizers have selected twelve submitted games for display at E3.

The selected games show some amazing creativity, truly engaging storytelling and interesting new ways to interact with a game and with other players.

Just quoted enough to get ‘Poker Face’ stuck in your head again. You’re welcome!

Via Indie Game Mag

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