Friendship’s Bloom

The new Friendship’s Bloom tree in My Tribe is a cooperative mystery. First, a friend needs to fertilize the tree. Even if you have lots of friends, this can only be done once per tree, per day. Each time the tree is tended by a friend, it grows pretty new leaves.

Once it’s been fertilized by a friend, the island owner needs to send a tribesperson with at least a 3 in Agriculture over to the tree.

The next day, a friend needs to fertilize it again. It can be the same person, or a different person. Then a tribesperson with at least 6 in agriculture needs to visit the tree. Lather. Rinse. Repeat with visiting friends and agriculture increments of three. Finally, a tribesperson with a 30 or higher in agriculture can tend the tree and unlock the mystery.

Once you solve the Friendship’s Bloom, you’ll receive 3 fertilizers per neighbor, instead of the usual one. (Hey, I just thought of this — if you’ve already solved the tree and you’re helping a friend by fertilizing, can you give it three?)

Look, I enjoy MyTribe, but this is one of those zany cycles that sour me on social games. My Facebook friends are awesome, so my feed isn’t full of COME HELP ME! Fertilize my pretend tree! But I like MyTribe just a little less for encouraging that kind of spam.

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  1. belle says:

    i need help with the newest one with the massive single blue gem sticking out of the ground with a star in the side! I know i can put a star on it then a person and it says something about their hair standing on end a gem will go in one of the many holes around the base. So i did this – i got 6 gem holes filled then all of a sudden the next person ‘hair went flat’ when placed on to it and all the gems disappeared and i was back to square one! Arghhh! ive done it 8 times now, doing my people in a different order, trying to find a pattern like boy then girl etc, or from smallest experience to greatest… nothing is working. I don’t even start each new attempt with the same person! PLEASE HELP!

  2. emily says:

    i need help with one of the newer ones
    it looks like a tunnel and it has i think about four square crystal things on the top
    i put a person on it and it said that this person remembers seeing a similar structure on a different island
    so on so on
    i! need! help!

  3. emily says:

    oh and sorry i had to put a seperate post for this because i just now remembered but in answer your question belle, or rather you solve the mystery by the following:
    okay so there are 9 holes in at the botton right, and you know how their hair stands up well what you gotta do is put nine different people with different hair colors on the stone and if for example you accidentally put two people with black hair on the stone then you have to start all over again
    hope this helps

  4. Sue says:

    thanx emily
    I just wasted I don’t know how many stars on that…
    have to wait for my little ones to age I guess!!
    since when are there 9 different hair colours!!


  5. emma larson says:

    i wasted a bunch on it then someone gave me the hint of “their hair stuck straight up” or somethin to do with what the people said

    oh and heres a list of different hair colors
    (i find it useful when making people have children so as to get the right hair color

    strawberry blonde
    light brown
    dark brown
    gray (grey (however you spell it!!

  6. belle says:

    thanks guys! Stupid me made my 2 blondes have all the babies… all my “new tribe” are the blondes and lights brown…. never will solve that mysetery now!!

  7. belle says:

    New problem…. was looking at the other page and the cloning mysery (the little room thing with 4 square crystals on top)…. well I inspected it once.. then moved islands to do it again (x 4 moves required) and on my second island it won’t let me inspect further! What do I do???? please help me again guys!!

  8. Erin says:

    I need some friends who actually play My tribe.. add me!/profile.php?id=1010491589

  9. Anonymous says:

    Solved the clone mystery today. You have to go to your friends island and inspect it!
    Your first clone is free, so choose wisely. Any further clone will use up feathers, its cheaper than breeding but at the moment i have no use for it because the hair mystery drives me crazy . Any idea how i get a dark brown haired tribee?

  10. belle says:

    anonymous… my friend just made a black haired baby out of brown and light brown, got a dark brown out of a black and brown…. I am buggered… all my females are either one of the blondes or red or auburn! I will never be able to make a black haired baby, which is the only other one i need!

    So back to my original dilemma… the cloning one… what do you do? I visited a friends island – inspected their cloning thing (she has 3 or 4 crystals aligned) then returned to mine, nothing! put my people on it… nothing! PLease help!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    First i inspected it on my own island and the first stone changed color. Then i moved to my friends island inspected it and directly went back to my clone mystery island to have a look if something happend and the second stone turned …then i visited 2 other friends with the mystery. Thats all.

    Hm … Did you start from your island with the mystery to your friends? Maybe this is relevant?

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