Hyperbole and Exaggeration

So apparently it’s lame to write a post about how much I love the Boston commuter rail. They have wifi now, and even though it’s pretty spotty,  playing Facebook games is far superior to driving. Instead I’ll tell you about where I went when I took the commuter train!

I’ve been working at a Middle Eastern restaurant in North Carolina that used to be a Pizza Hut. When my cousins were visiting me, I dragged them in to see those signature trapezoid windows and brick walls, now decorated with sitars and hookah pipes. It was partly so they could eat some kebabs, and partly so they can back me up at future Christmas dinners when I’m accused of blog hyperbole.

Turns out there’s another ex-Pizza Hut that now serves korma and chicken tandoori,  because my friends introduced me to Monsoon in Acton. I knew I was going to like it because Tom is a curry connoisseur, and Eric is a foodie in general. It was pretty delicious, but it didn’t really matter where we ate, because I was so happy to see my friends and decompress after a couple interviews with possible schools.

After a lot of dinner and a lot of chatting, Tom and Tricia headed home, and Eric and I met up with some more of my second family, the Hoffmanns. Carolyn’s getting married in a few weeks, so she had a some pre-wedding advice for any brides-to-be: Elope while you still can! She also said something about hiring an Elvis impersonator, but I think she may have been exaggerating.

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  1. Tricia says:

    Nope, Elvis is marrying her. And it’s Young Elvis, not fat sequined Elvis.

  2. Anna Janssen says:

    The Boston commuter rail now has wi-fi???? JEALOUS!I may have completely missed the point of the post, but that what I connected with.

  3. Hyperbole is the greatest thing ever!!!

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